If by any means you have reached this blog, then there is nothing to do here, because the blog is blank –– very obvious. However, if by any means you are interested in the person the blog's address is after his name, then there might be something to do here. You can visit the Sub-objectivism blog on, since really sucks. The Sub-objectivism blog has two main fields: memetics and philosophy. In the former, Kamal Ghazi introduces new vision of memetics; presenting the hypothesis of "Memetic Complexes and Formation of Dogma, by Means of Memeplexes’ Constructive Upward Mobility, in relation to human conduct,” and publishing articles on memetics that will not be published in mainstream media. In the latter, the same man introduces, attemptes to demonstrate the philosophy of “sub-objectivism” to slightly help in creating a better understanding of the world; by defining “sub-objectivism” at first –– whatever it takes.
Or, if you are lazier and/or busier and/…
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